This site is authored by Michael Hipp and Thomas Orgis, with various content originally written by Michael; Thomas being responsible for the current operation and presentation of the site as well as adding new content.

If you want to get in touch with the mpg123 project, the best way is to head to the sourceforge project site. Specifically you find:

Some of the developers are also on the #mpg123 IRC channel on the Libera network.

If you roll that way, you can also try to raise a PR on the github mirror, but it is nicer to us this stuff is kept on the trackers indicated above.

Any questions regarding the website should be sent per eMail to the official mpg123 maintainer, Thomas Orgis. Discussion about mpg123 code should happen on the lists, trackers, or IRC. If you really can be bothered with those, you may be lucky by also sending just a mail the maintainer, but be prepared that you could be considered rude for doing so, if not sending in a juicy patch that speeds up decoding or adds something really useful making up for the little rudeness.

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